The new moon in Scorpio on Nov. 4 calls us all into the deepest emotional waters, where the psychedelic creatures of our unconscious instill fear and wonder. Don’t fret, however, for when these phantasms are brought into the light of awareness they are manageable — maybe even delightful. An opposition to Uranus tones this new moon with eruptive freedom, so becoming acquainted with our depths offers release to innovative heights. Break out your diving gear because we’re going down.

Here are your new moon horoscopes. Read for your sun and rising signs.


This new moon takes place in your sign, oh deep one. Center yourself and set intentions for your personal blossoming at the upcoming eclipse on the 19th. Romantic and/or business partners have been offering you electric freedom for a while now, but don’t allow the excitement to throw you off balance. Saturn is coming at you from your house of career and public-facing persona, so mind your Ps and Qs when work constraints beckon.


New beginnings are happening in your private sanctuary, ever-expansive Sag. Spend some alone time on this new moon to envision what optimum mental and spiritual health feel like. Find balance between your solitude and the lightness of completing your daily to-do lists. The call to travel, either physically or psychically, brings a challenging pull to your mediations and checklists. Plan your next adventure, but let it sit on the back burner for now.


Dear diligent Sea-Goat, this new moon is a joyous one, asking you to be present to the friends and cooperative people in your life. Seek balance between the autonomy you experience in your own creative projects and the deep need for interpersonal connection. You may find some constriction from debts or a new inheritance, but keep your friends close and you will manage just fine.


Water-Bearers, now is the time to set your career goals in motion. Home and family have been offering independence for a few years now, but this new moon beckons you back into society. Relationships might be teaching hard lessons, so turn your gaze toward your vocation. How are you showing up for your fellow humans? You are needed in the collective commons.


Break through into high adventure, Pisces. This new moon, expand your horizons and set travel goals. Plan that trip, crack open that book, explore the uncharted corners of the internet. Your local community brings you a sense of liberation, yet there is something around the bend luring you. Follow that wisp, but keep your nose down and get your chores done. An adventurer deserves to come home to a clean house.


Buckle down, soldier. This new moon, be ready to handle other people’s emotional baggage as it is dropped on your doorstep, or prepare to work out shared financial debts or an unexpected inheritance. You’ve been clearing away your own shit for a while; now it is time to start figuring out where your debts are enmeshed with others. 


The bulls are in heat. This new moon offers budding romance or new business ventures to our Taureans amid a multi-year process of personal revolution. Will you find your rebel counterpart on this journey? Home life might feel somewhat constricting as you embark on new ways of being, but don’t forget that maturity requires a healthy connection to your roots.


The Twins need to set intentions for their daily grind on this new moon. Gemini, your daily routines might have become chaotic, even for you. This new moon, figure out your schedule and set sail for calmer waters. This will help you harness the freedom in solitude that you have been working toward while building solid structures in your community. 


The sun and moon are setting you off on a fresh creative venture, so let those juices flow. Write that poem, paint that picture, do that weird street performance, or even make a baby. This new moon is asking you to bring your liveliness into the world. Other folks have been offering you breakthroughs, and now is the time to channel that into your own expression. Just don’t forget your financial and emotional obligations.


The Lions are returning to the den this new moon. Bring your selves into right relationship with your family, whether blood or chosen. This foundation will set you right for a big career glow up come the eclipse on the 19th. You may have been feeling pulled into original work these past few years, and this new moon is reminding you to tap into your fam. Cranky ol’ Saturn is helping you mature into the best version of yourself, and it is time to remember where you came from.


Are you starting to feel magic in the air around you, Virgo? This new moon offers the chance to tap into the flow of the immediate moment. Forget what you’ve learned and feel the eternal now. The power to influence is in your presence to what is directly in front of you. Be intentional with each movement and your desires will come to you. Uranus is offering you freedom through travel, but remain aware of your surroundings. As any good witch will tell you, do all things with meticulous care.


The Scales are finding balance in financial security and emotional health this new moon. Set goals for your material well-being and start your process for sustainability. Create a budget, find a therapist, or just start saving in a coffee can and talk to your caring friends. You’ve been feeling some constraint in your creativity, but these contractions are to help you grow into a better maker of things.  

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