Gallery, located at 534 Fleming Street

KEPart Studio will be having an art opening reception for ‘FISH TALES’, an exhibition of cast paper sculpture by local artist Jeane LaRance on Thursday, Jan. 7 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the gallery located at 534 Fleming St.

A big draw will be the school of approximately 75 look down fish swimming across the gallery wall. There will also be barracudas, amberjacks, and sea turtles. Some of these will be relief sculptures that hang on the wall, while others will be whole sculptures on decorative stands. And, all of the sculptures are made out of paper.

Jeane LaRance’s cast paper sculptures are made from a combination of modern sculpting techniques blended with the ancient science of paper making. LaRance starts by carving a mold out of oil-based clay, then proceeds to create a plaster mold, casts handmade paper pulp, adds layers of gesso and other mediums when dry, and then sands to perfection before painting. There is a ton of time, work, and love that goes into each piece. LaRance shows us this talent through her wonderful array of sculptures of sea creatures.


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