a series of three books with different covers

Ready or Not 
By Cara Bastone

The two lines couldn’t have been more clear – Eve is pregnant. The girl who has been a lifelong rule-follower had a one night stand with a sexy bartender and finds herself at a doctor’s office confirming what she already knew. In her 30s and very single, Eve isn’t even certain she wanted children. To add to the turmoil, her best friend Willa, who has been trying to get pregnant for years, finds the news devastating. Of all people, Shep, Willa’s older brother, steps in. This once-nerdy computer geek has really grown up. He takes the reins, mentally and physically, helping Eve in any way he can. This unexpected loyalty sparks a new layer to their friendship. While hot bartender Ethan struggles with the news, Shep supports Eve, showering her with treats and spectacular foot rubs. Eve cannot decide if Shep was always this handsome or it’s the pregnancy hormones going berserk, but it takes a lot of self-control not to literally jump all over his kindness. This beautiful story flows through nine months of love, friendship and backaches, continually surprising Eve toward the moment of truth. 

Things I Wish I Told My Mother
By Susan Patterson and Susan DiLallo

Laurie is in the middle of a huge presentation when she gets the call. Her mother, the famous “Dr. Liz,” has been hospitalized. Laurie races to her side to discover that her mother suffered an unexplained cardiac episode. To get her mind off the stressful situation, Laurie promises to plan a getaway when her mother feels better. What begins as a ploy to get her mother’s mind off her troubles leads to planning an elaborate adventure. The mother-daughter duo, who don’t always get along, head to Paris and Norway, where Liz was raised and has a sister she’s mysteriously not seen in 50 years. As they peruse the finest hotels, restaurants and shops, the women fare better than expected. Laurie discovers a different side from the perfectionist authority she always feared. With each day, their journey becomes more than a vacation. As Laurie delves into difficult questions, the mystery of her mother’s past begins to unravel. This heartfelt read is filled with meaningful banter as Laurie acknowledges old resentments that she has carried her entire life, ultimately realizing that every day is a gift not to be wasted.

It. Goes. So. Fast.
By Mary Louise Kelly

From the moment we become parents, there is another life completely dependent on our constant care and nurturing. Everything else becomes secondary. On the same note, as the tables turn and we age, our own parents may need assistance. Those days too are cherished and counted. The circle of life described in this memoir by well-known NPR journalist Mary Louise Kelly is loving and thought-provoking. Having spent years reporting on war, interviewing politicians and the people affected around the world, Mary decides to take time off to be more present for her older son’s last year of high school before he leaves the nest. Diving deep into the memories of early parenting and reflecting on the painful recent loss of her beloved father, all while the actual world feels like it is falling apart, is hard and exhausting. With honesty, love and humor, Kelly shares some of her most private thoughts about motherhood, marriage and the relevance of a professional woman in midlife. Change is inevitable, but it is not always easy. The invaluable lesson that time is our greatest asset is a constant reminder to live your best life.

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