Cross country: Pedro Zapata


What do you enjoy about running cross country? I’ve never been part of a team that makes me feel so good. I love getting to train with them all season. They are always motivating me to get better, and so I motivate them right back. I am always so excited to run. 

How long have you been running on the team? I have run on the team for two years, and I plan to continue running with them until I graduate next year. I originally joined because I wanted to get faster and better for soccer, but then I really started to enjoy it. I trained every day all summer, and even my coaches have noticed my improvements and were impressed. 

Describe one of your best moments in athletics. One of my favorite moments was last year at districts in Tallahassee. I’ve never had an experience like that before. While running I even broke my personal record and finished in 18:19. I hope to continue breaking my records. Everything is possible if you just put your mind to it. 

Coach James Murphy says … “You can do it, you can pass him.” I often feel pressured while running, but this reminds me that I have to be strong. Afterward I always know that I can do it.


Sophomore Billy Martin, contributing to the night by playing on the saxophone. CLARE MERRYMAN/ Keys Weekly.

Marathon High School’s pep band has done a terrific job keeping the spirits of the Dolphins, both on the field and in the stands, alive over the last four Fridays. 


Led by first year music instructor Spencer Oyster, this group of 17 has been making quite an impact on the atmosphere of the football games. From creating positive instrument-incorporated chants, to starting drum rolls for the whole crowd to get involved in, they have made each night more lively. 

In addition, this devoted crew has done an exceptional job completing several of the needed responsibilities. 

Mr. Oyster began playing a few of the instruments that didn’t already have a designated musician, but would still be needed in their musical performances. He mentions how he finds it important to practice what you teach. He can play a variety of instruments, including guitar and piano, and knows his way around almost every instrument in the brass family. Being not only a band instructor, but also a choir teacher who sings as a bass, he is very musically inclined. 

He even came to the rescue these past two Fridays by filling in as the game announcer. He was quick to volunteer for the position when hearing that there wouldn’t be a commentator. 

This put seniors Isabella Kingsly and Katerina Nikiforova in the hot seat as they took on the role of leading as the band’s conductor and drum major. They were chosen by students to take on these responsibilities, as their fellow instrumentalists found them to be model students in terms of band, and great leaders among the group. 

Mr. Oyster commented that “It really says a lot when students come to you and say, ‘I will follow this person, I think they are the best person for this position.’ And they were, they ran the show pretty doggone good themselves.” 

The pep band plans to continue to support their teams in any way they can, so expect to see and hear them at upcoming sporting events. Whether it be a soccer, tennis or basketball game, they will be there to cheer the blue and gold team to success!

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