Jordan Bobick is owner and founder of Higher Ground Music & Video Production in Key Largo. MELINDA VAN FLEET/Keys Weekly

Jordan Bobick is the owner and founder of Higher Ground Music & Video Production in Key Largo. Offering live playback and tracking inside and outside the studio, the technology allows for remote operation in which someone can record at home with Bobick’s expertise and ability to provide professional, quality sound.

This revolutionary technology, in conjunction with the actual studio, also offers the ability for a remote collaboration. Bobick said, “An example is a drummer is at my studio, but his group is scattered about the world. I worked with producers in Los Angeles, but the artist was here, and we worked together in real time.” 

Bobick said this technology came to market within the past few years. Bobick has a vast background that demonstrates his creativity and a passion for technology, business and people.

“I grew up in Melbourne but had been coming here my whole life as my grandparents lived in Lower Matecumbe. My brother has lived here for a while, and then I finally anchored here after the pandemic. I worked in hospitality before starting the studio in July of this year.”

Prior to opening the studio, Bobick served four years in the Marines, including time in Iraq. He has also been a scuba instructor, done maritime salvage and worked in social services using his undergraduate degree in psychology from University of Central Florida. He is now working on a doctorate in industrial organizational psychology-behavioral performance. He said he wanted to do something different, and he will graduate in May 2023.

“I didn’t want to work for someone else any more; I knew I had the ability.” Bobick said. “In the social services field, I got to work with young people who were amazingly talented. I feel that this is my job from the universe, and I’m now working with this passion.” It’s psychology infused with business at another level.

As for the studio, Bobick said, “I wanted the studio to feel like you’re sitting in a lounge—kind of chill and playing. So, I integrated all the hardware aspects right into the furniture. And yes, I built all this myself. I spend a lot of time planning in my mind.”

“Inputs from the studio go right into the computer—everything is digital versus a big mixing board.”

— Jordan Bobick, owner and founder of Higher Ground Music & Video Production 

Bobick has been playing guitar since he was 10 years old. And he can play just about every instrument in the studio — piano, keyboard, bass, banjo, synthesizers. He started working on the studio idea about five years ago.

He added, chuckling, “I could talk about it for days. I drive my husband insane.”

Bobick and his husband, Michael Tomanio, have been together over 10 years and married for a few years. They met online but went to the same community college. “We started taking the bus together; it was really cute. He’s a great guy.”

Some of the services that Bobick can provide at Higher Ground are voice-over, live recording with their instruments, music lessons, audiobooks, mixing and mastering- remote and live, green screen full production—music videos, or creating a commercial.

“I also do live recording, video and audio and can layer that into a final production. Another trend is gaming, and game creators need music for their games as well as digitizing characters.”

When asked about his long-term vision, he said, “I built this studio as a prototype. We are in the digital age; it’s built to be accessible to the metaverse. I want to create this as a web of studios that can act as a network across the nation and the world. A system of smart studios that work with a remote engineer, and the studio can open and shut down with a one-time code. You don’t need the engineer present or special equipment, a fully digital studio with a streamlined design. This model could grow as a franchise.”

Higher Ground will host an outdoor event, Key Largo Review, on Saturday, Nov. 5, from 6 to 10 p.m. 

“I will go live on Facebook, Instagram and Twitch and stream to all these different social media platforms. So, if they say, ‘I want to get my performance out to my audience,’ right on the phone, we can log into their account, hit the live button and then the artist can perform.” Bobick said. “I’m focused on this as a series of Saturday night shows that have a lineup to feature artists of different genres.”

Bobick also aims to provide an outlet for younger artists, hip hop, Latin artists and more, and to make sure it’s an LBTQ-safe space where everyone can feel comfortable.

“I’m grateful I’ve had a lot of great mentors, including experienced recording artists, along the way. Word has been getting out locally, and I already have had some great referrals,” he said. 

He loves the Keys. “Everyone knows each other. I love the sense of community. I’m a scuba diver and do a lot on the water, so this is a waterman’s paradise. I am grateful for this beautiful place, wonderful people and to have a business.”

Connect with Higher Ground Music and Video Production on Instagram @higher_ground_keylargo or on Facebook at HigherGroundKeyLargo. To sign up for Higher Ground’s Key Largo Review, message on IG or text 845-282-6568.

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