On the eve of a new year, we caught up with the world-renowned Gary Marion — known to most of the world as, “Sushi.” And while other Key West cultural pioneers have blazed trails, it is Sushi who is one of the most recognized drag queens on the globe. Yet long before her annual Key West shoe drop was a regular fixture on CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live countdown with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, the iconic Sushi endured childhood hardships, experienced a unique life of travel and found the love of her life in America’s Southernmost City.  In the latest Florida Keys Weekly Podcast, Britt and Kirby Myers touch base with Sushi on a range of topics like the secret behind “the tuck” to the amazing bond among the drag queen community, which has shaped Key West as we know it today. In a rare full-access interview with the icon, join us as we laugh and cry with the one and only Sushi. 

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