10. Your Economic Injury Disaster Loan is now “due in full.”

9. Everyone at work, school and church is hungover.

8. Without all those political mailers your letter carrier is whistling again. 

7. Americans, with nothing left to argue about, usher in a new era of expansion and our race spreads out to the stars seeking new worlds to settle upon.

6. There is a storm brewing – not in the Caribbean, but on Facebook.

5. Your accountant is drinking Pepto Bismol out of a coffee mug.

4. You receive a box of wrapped Christmas presents with gift tags that simply read, “China.”    

3. Joe Biden was checked back into his room at “Golden Acres.” 


2. Donald Trump is starring in a new reality show called, “The Biggest Loser.”

1. Political refugees now look just like you and me.

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