Virtual Learning FAQs

As virtual learning starts, Monroe County School District answers parent questions

  1. What if my child doesn’t have access to a computer or internet access?

A computer can be provided via the Chromebook distribution process at each individual school to students who need them. If a greater need exists, please contact your school site. Internet access can be obtained for free from See individual school websites for information. VPK and Head Start will not be distributing devices at this time. Hands-on activities are being provided.

  1. What if my student forgot their username or password/lost their quick card?

Please call your school’s help desk for password and quick card support. Help desk phone numbers will be included in your student access flyer as well as on individual school and district websites. Help Desk Information is available at

  1. What days/times are students expected to be online?

Students are expected to attend online classes Monday-Thursday. Students will spend approximately 3 hours per day in live virtual instruction and the remainder of the school day on both interactive and independent work as assigned by their teachers. Specific scheduling information is posted on each individual school’s website, as well as on the district website.

  1. Will my student have a “live” virtual teacher, or am I expected to be my child’s teacher?

All curriculum and support necessary for students will be available online in the virtual environment provided by MCSD. Classes will be conducted through a variety of platforms, including live instruction, recorded videos, interactive discussions, program work, small groups, independent work, and individual assistance via phone/email. Schedules for the day will be posted by the student’s teacher/s. Parents are expected to monitor student attendance and engagement.

  1. How is my student going to be graded?

Phase 1 (April 1-7) This time period will be used to ensure that all students have access to their courses. Students will be held harmless for work not completed due to lack of access or technical issues.

Phase 2 (April 7-15) Students will be graded on participation and completion of activities using the standard grading scale as percentages for completion. For instance, 80% completion*/participation* yields grade B.

*Participation: The student is actively engaged and participating in online activities, such as lectures and discussions (either live or via recorded sessions or discussion boards).

*Completion: The student completes the assigned task as instructed and receives feedback from the teacher which will lead to a numerical grade.

Students who log into the online environment but do not participate/complete assignments (long idle times) will not receive credit. Additionally, information regarding individual course grading practices will be forthcoming from your child’s teacher.

  1. How can I communicate with my child’s teacher?

The best way to communicate with your child’s teacher is via email. Individual teacher schedules and contact information will be posted on the virtual learning platform.

  1. Will my child be photographed or recorded?

We are abiding by all student privacy guidelines and the Acceptable Use and Photography Policy sent home for parent signature at the beginning of the school year. Only students with a signed consent form on file can be photographed or videotaped. Parents may also make the individual decision to turn OFF or cover the camera on all devices, therefore removing all video capabilities.

  1. What accommodations are being made for families/students who do not speak English?

EL accommodations will be provided and scaffolded instruction will occur based on student needs. All critical communications will be translated into Spanish and Haitian Creole for support as feasible.

  1. What if my student requires Exceptional Student Educational services and/or therapies?

As a result of the unprecedented events surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary closure of schools, social distancing mandates, services and instruction during the school closure period will be temporarily provided for your child using virtual instruction and interactions as feasible. Your child’s current IEP will remain in effect throughout the duration of the school closure period. Upon the reopening of school, your child’s IEP will be in effect and will be implemented, as appropriate.

  1. What does a virtual classroom look like for ESE students?

Based on the child’s individual needs it will look different for each child. The majority of ESE students will be expected to participate in the general education virtual opportunities in collaboration with the ESE teacher supporting accommodations and interventions when appropriate.

  1. When will school resume? Will the school year be extended into the summer months?

As of now, schools are closed until April 15. Updates will be posted as information becomes available. The commissioner of education has provided guidance that classes may continue until the end of the fiscal year (June 30); however, at this time no decisions have been made.

  1. How will schools determine if my child is promoted?

A – Grade 3: Generally, the Grade 3 ELA FSA is a key component districts use to make promotion decisions. Since this data will not be available due to the cancellation of statewide assessments for the 2019-2020 school year, promotion decisions should be made in consultation with parents, teachers and school leaders based on the students’ classroom performance and progress monitoring data.

B – Other Grades: Promotion decisions will be made based on classroom/course performance as assessed by the students’ teachers, school leaders, and available progress monitoring data. Teachers and school leaders will communicate with parents during the decision making process.

C – Parental Role: Parents play an important role in planning for their student’s education. Promotion and retention decisions should be made in consultation with parents, teachers and school leaders based on the student’s classroom performance and progress monitoring data. If the parents, teachers and school leaders determine it is in the best interest of the student to be retained, the student can be placed in the same grade for the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Need help with students’ online schooling? Request support by calling the school’s IT technician
Horace O’Bryant Middle School   305-296-5628, Ext. 65314 
Poinciana Elementary   305-293-1630, Ext. 52314 
Key West High School    305-293-1549, Ext. 54314 
Gerald Adams Elementary    305-293-1609, Ext. 51314 
Sugarloaf School    305 745 3282, Ext. 50314 
Stanley Switlik Elementary    305-289-2490, Ext. 59314 
Marathon Middle  High School   305-289-2480, Ext. 55314 
Plantation Key School    305-853-3281, Ext. 58314 
Coral Shores High School   305-853-3222, Ext. 56314 
Key Largo School    305-453-1255, Ext 57314 

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