Sara and Dallas Cook are the new owners of Overseas Pub and Grill. Recently of Jupiter, Florida, the couple said they looked up and down the Keys for the right place, before settling on the Marathon eatery, bar and liquor store.

Much of what makes the place so special will remain, they said.

“We really like Marathon,” Dallas said. “We think it has the most to offer.”

Both have ties to the Keys. He grew up in Tavernier, where his family owned Keys Diver. Her father, Mark Veith, is a Marathon local of about a decade. The couple has two small children — ages 7 and 5. And if Sara seems REALLY familiar, well, that’s because she has an identical twin sister, Shannon, who also works at the Overseas. (Whew, we’re glad we knew that up front!)

In Jupiter, the family owned two restaurants and a property management company. Everything was sold to finance the new beginning.

The pair plan to honor the locals’ affection for Overseas.

“We appreciate how much the locals love this place,” Dallas said.

“And, the bartending staff matches so well with the locals,” Sara said. “We love our crew and we’re keeping all of them.”

Of course, there will be a few small shifts — a smaller footprint for the liquor store, moving more billiards tables in, and creating a comfortable arcade (darts, video games) for young and old. There will be regular poker nights and billiards tournaments. More seafood options, including a crab boil night where the entrée is dumped onto the table Maryland style. And to these small changes, Sara and Dallas want to bring a ton of added energy — joining local service clubs, hosting fishing tournaments, raising funds to shade a playground at Marathon Community Park.

“Oh, and kids eat free on Sunday nights. We put a bunch of board games out on the tables for everyone to enjoy,” Sara said.

Sara and Dallas Cook are taking over from Tim O’Connell, and his late wife Kathy. The O’Connells bought the property, which had been long dormant, and rehabbed it for a grand opening in 2016.

Here’s a little more on the new owners:

What’s the last movie you watched?
D: That new Adam Sandler one on Netflix, “Murder Mystery.”
S: I fell asleep watching that one. I guess it was “What a Girl Wants,” that teeney bopper movie.

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?
S: To be invisible. I’d spy on people.
D: Superman, whatever powers he has, which I guess are to fly and not die!

What’s the difference between Marathon and Jupiter?
D: Marathon is way more laid-back.
S: It’s called island time, Dallas.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
S: Watermelon Sour Patch kids.
D: Brownies, probably.
S: Yeah, and he says ‘I hate chocolate,’ but not brownies, I guess.

What three things do you take to a dessert island?

D: A knife, a rope and a tarp.
S: Kids, water and a tent.
D: Wait, you take the kids?
S: Well I’m not leaving them behind!

What’s on your bucket list?
S: Another visit to Santorini, Greece.
D: Ski the Swiss Alps again. My dad was an airline pilot so we did a lot of traveling.
Both: We’d like to visit all the castles in Ireland and Germany.

What’s your life motto?
D: Never quit.
S: I used to say I’d sleep when I’m dead. But now I have kids. I’ll sleep now.

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