Kayak dock proposed for Sunset Park on Grassy Key

The City of Marathon has plans for a kayak dock on Grassy Key. Designed by K2M, the project has already garnered a variety of approvals — environmental resource, submerged lands usage, coastal zone management, federal authorization, etc. Marathon City Manager Chuck Lindsey said he would like to put it in front of the council, and out to bid as soon as possible.

“I’m really excited to be able to enhance the park for Grassy Key and its residents and families. I believe it is the only city-owned amenity in that neighborhood. Marathon central seems to get the majority of the attention,” Lindsey said.

Sunset Park is located on the west end of Grassy Key on Morton Street. At the moment, its only draw is the waterfront, gulfside location and a fallen log that serves as a makeshift bench. Kayakers who use the park now must wade through seaweed or muck to launch.

The plan calls for a dock that is 188 feet long and 8 feet wide. It will have a larger platform at the end, and a section attached to that for a floating dock shaped like a horizontal “E.” If built, it would be the second kayak launch in Marathon; the other is located behind city hall. The dock is not intended for motorized launches to tie up. 

The project could cost between $150,000 and $200,000. Lindsey said the funds were set aside pre-Irma, and once the city is reimbursed by FEMA, the project would get the green light. 

“It’s also the kind of project that would be eligible for Tourist Development Council brick-and-mortar grants,” Lindsey said.

Sara Matthis
Sara Matthis
Sara Matthis thinks community journalism is important, but not serious; likes weird and wonderful children (she has two); and occasionally tortures herself with sprint-distance triathlons, but only if she has a good chance of beating her sister.

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