MONROE COUNTY, FL – The Monroe County Building Department introduced MCeSearch, a new program that allows the public to review status and information on permits, search local licensed contractors, see code compliance cases, and review property information for unincorporated Monroe County. The website is a single point access search tool for permits, licenses, and code compliance cases and will replace the eGovPLUS website.

“The new system is a more stable application and provides a better user experience,” said Ed Koconis, Monroe County Building Administrative Director. “Since the previous application is very similar to MCeSearch, we do not expect issues for the user in migration.”

Permit and code compliance searches can be done by owner’s name, address of property, permit or case numbers, real estate numbers, or inspector. Contractors can be found in a general “all” search, or by company name, category, license numbers, or contractor ID.

To transition, eGovPLUS will still be available until June 30, 2019. To use MCeSearch,

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