From left, Yvette Miranda Talbott, Rotary Club of Key West president; Nicole Navarro, Pawsitive Beginnings founder; and Sam Steele, Rotary member and Monroe County Tax Collector, at a recent Rotary meeting.

Hi friends! Reef the fox here with your weekly “Reef’s Report.” How about this cool weather, huh? The foxes at Pawsitive Beginnings in Key Largo and I absolutely love it. 

Believe it or not, this is still actually mild for us. In the wild we can be totally comfortable in freezing temperatures and snow. You may not know this but our paw pads are covered in fur to protect us from extreme conditions and we use our tails to curl up to help keep us warm. Now, a lot of us foxes here at Pawsitive Beginnings are missing part or all of our tail, so obviously that would present a problem if we were wild. 

I’ve been thinking about starting up my award-winning interviews with other local celebrities again. Who would you want me to interview? Send me an email at and give me some ideas. Mom made me my very own business cards so that’s pretty awesome. With a new official title: “Chaos Coordinator.” I think that’s a compliment but not sure. Also, I’d like to get back into “Ask Reef,” so if you have any questions for me, shoot them over to my email.

Last week, mom traveled to Key West to give a presentation at the Rotary Club of Key West. My best friend, Sam Steele, the tax collector for Monroe County, invited her down. She was able to show two episodes of the four-part documentary series she created to Rotary members. I heard a lot of great questions were asked and some new friends were made. I know mom really enjoys getting out into the community to explain more about the cruel fur industry, what we do at Pawsitive Beginnings to speak out against it and how we are now giving back on a much larger scale with the animal-assisted therapy program. If you want mom to come visit your place of business, just shoot me an email and I’ll set it up. 

This weekend is the Upper Keys Rotary’s Gigantic Nautical Market, presented by Keys Deck & Dock Supply, at Founders Park in Islamorada from Saturday, Feb. 24 to Sunday Feb. 25. The show is all outdoors with food trucks spread around the park. You’ll find bargains on everything nautical including clothing, fishing and diving gear, boats and motors. There’s fun for all the family. Gates open Saturday at 8 a.m.. Park at Coral Shores High School and ride the free shuttle.

Anywho, that’s all for this week. Stay up to date with all things fox by visiting and navigating to all of our social media pages in the footer of the website.

Until next time, Reef, over and out!

Reef the Fox
Reef was born on a fur farm on or around March 28, 2021. He was able to be rescued when his mother and siblings started to reject him. Reef is missing toes on his front, right paw and the tip of his tail is missing due to injuries sustained in his short time on the fur farm. Reef arrived at Key Largo on May 6, 2021 by Nicole Navarro, of Pawsitive Beginnings Inc.