10.  You are not (hopefully) one of the 11 million covid cases currently in the U.S. 

9. You finally have a legitimate excuse not to travel to your in-laws’ over the holidays.

8. You own the company that produced the 20 million political mailers for the 75,000 residents of Monroe County.

7. You’re not a Dallas Cowboys fan. 

6. You were not the executive director of a Florida Keys water service provider earlier this month. 

5. You are a local Realtor. 

4. You didn’t touch a hurricane shutter in the past three months (knock on wood). 

3. You don’t own a barge with a top-heavy crane sitting on it … and then left it out in the ocean during a recent storm. 


2. You decided against Carnival Cruise Lines stock and instead bought shares in Pfizer last Thanksgiving. 

1. You recently ran for office as a Republican in Monroe County.

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