Dr. Bruce Boros is “physically healthy and working on four projects at once,” he told the Keys Weekly in a text message on Monday, two weeks after he’d been hospitalized with COVID following his attendance at a Frontline Doctors event in Ocala. 

His COVID infection made global headlines last week given his fervent endorsement of the drug Ivermectin for prevention and treatment of COVID, his online testimonials about successfully treating “hundreds of patients” with it and his attendance at the FLCCC COVID summit, where at least six other attendees ended up with COVID.

The Frontline COVID Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) has actively promoted the use of Ivermectin while questioning the safety and necessity of the COVID vaccines. 

Boros, a retired cardiologist, owns three Advanced Urgent Care centers in the Florida Keys. The company’s website now states they are not able to provide Ivermectin due to demand and delays, but the website refers people to an FLCCC-affiliated website. 

Boros is reportedly back home in Key West.

The full text of his statement to the Keys Weekly appears below, unedited and in its entirety, as promised:

“I only have a statement- no stories anymore—- MAY EVERYONE MOVE IN THE DIRECTION OF BEING HEALTHY AND WELL PROTECTED FOR THATS WHAT I DO AS AS DOCTOR and anything less than that is not who I am!  I will continue to provide as a physician going forward! I am physically HEALTHY WORKING ON 4 projects at once! The most Personally rewarding is that thought of seeing Cardiovascular patients again. 

I chose to treat COVID 19 my way, based on my beliefs of therapeutics. I don’t judge any adults decisions. It’s for  them to choose!  I worry about our children AS DOES  EVERYONE!  I AM NOT AN ANTIVAXER AND ANY SUGGESTION THAT I MIGHT BE GOES AGAINST MY ACTIONS AS A PHYSICIAN SINCE 1977.  As a doctor I am begging for true data so my recommendations have substance AND THAT those recommendations have evidence to back them up. To my friends, I be true ALWAYS- to my wife thank you for being the biggest part of my survival, I thank her and my spiritual beings (ALL MY TRUE FRIENDS) for helping me come out on the other side of this journey.  Bruce L Boros MD FACC. May God Bless us all.”

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