FREE CONCERT: Sublime alternative

FREE CONCERT: Sublime alternative - A man and a woman sitting on a boat - Bud Gaugh

Badfish plays at the Sunset Pier March 8

The band Sublime may be gone but not forgotten thanks to Badfish, a tribute to Sublime. Badfish brings to life that distinct alternative music formed in the ’90s from California surf culture. As innovative as any ’90s music genre, the band encompasses ska, punk, reggae, and alternative rock. It’s music that fills the soul, causes audiences to dance around and enjoy. It’s like Sublime’s hit song “What I Got” says, “Love’s what I got, Don’t start a riot, You’ll feel it when the dance gets hot…”

Badfish will be at The Sunset Pier March 8 courtesy of the Ocean Key Resort. The concert is free for all and will include a special VIP section just for locals. “We are offering wristbands early for locals so they don’t miss the opportunity; they can check in at the pier with a local ID on March 5th, 6th, 7th, and the night of to get it,” said Rodger Levering, food & beverage director at Ocean Key Resort & Spa, “The main goal is to put on a really great show, so we feel like offering it free really works for everybody.”

Drummer Scott Begin has been with Badfish from the subtle beginnings as a college band in Rhode Island. “It’s year 16 and we are still going,” said Begin. “Sublime’s legacy has progressed throughout the years and that has been a part of our legacy.” The band consists of Joel Hanks, Pat Downes, Dorian Duffy and Begin, who are all married with children now but still tour every year.

“Like classic rock, we seem to transcend the waxing and waning of musical styles,” said Begin. “It’s magical when there is a resurgence of rock reggae.” Begin loves coming to play at the Sunset Pier every year (this will be the band’s 5th show there). “It’s a little windy out there, but Key West is a great place to play and this year we will have a two-piece horn section.”

“Are you a Badfish, too?” is a lyric off Sublime’s album “40 Oz. to Freedom” and refers to someone exposed to the heroin culture. Listeners to both Badfish and Sublime use it to remember Sublime’s lead singer, Bradley Nowell, who passed away from a drug overdose in 1996, causing Sublime to end. Badfish “channels the essence and spirit of Sublime” and continues the music with devotion and passion that fans of Sublime still feel.

Opening band will be Sun Dried Vibes and the 21-and-over concert is free.

Badfish: Free concert

Sunset Pier, Wednesday, March 8

It’s very cool; nowhere else can we play in the middle of the water.” –   Drummer Scott Begin, of Badfish.


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