Since the 1970s, Ted Hyde has been jamming around the Keys. Hyde grew up in a family of artists near the Atlantic City beach area, and lived in Margate, New Jersey until moving to the Keys at 18. It was the “chill and laid back environment” that brought the Jersey native south, Hyde said. It could be that easy going approach to life and music that make Ted Hyde a natural performer.

In the Keys, he’s known as “Grateful Ted,” and worked with a number of different musicians over the years. “’Grateful Ted and Fiddlin’ Red’ is an act a lot of people probably remember,” said Hyde. Fiddlin’ Red Seidman has since passed on, but Ted remembers him kindly.

Over the years, the professed Dead Head has added blue grass, reggae, rock, and country music, to his repertoire of performing genres. “I like to mix it up. I don’t use a backing or looping track — and I’m proud of that,” said Hyde. “I play for the music lovers and try to keep it real and keep it loose.” Hyde said he’s been influenced by bands such as Little Feat, The Band, The Allman Brothers, and the Grateful Dead, of course. His first love, however, was Bob Dylan and his lyricis.

“Bob Dylan’s lyrics spoke to me,” said Hyde. The feeling of freedom Hyde gets from jamming is what drives his live performances he says.

Grateful Ted is excited to play the Jerry Garcia gig on Monday, Aug. 1 at the Florida Keys Brewing Company. The brewery is hosting a celebration in honor of Jerry Garcia’s life and music. Grateful Ted also plays Sharky’s Pub and Galley Restaurant, Lazy Dayz Restaurant, and Shipwreck’s Bar and Grill.

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