The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida supports the state’s conservation, education and outdoor recreation efforts in areas such as the Lower Keys, ANDY NEWMAN/Florida Keys News Bureau

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida recently named Robert A. Spottswood Jr. to its board of directors. 

The nonprofit foundation raises and donates funds to support the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and other public and private organizations in their efforts “to conserve Florida’s native animals and plants and the lands and waters they need to survive,” states a press release announcing Spottswood’s board appointment. “Since its founding in 1994, the foundation has raised and donated $45 million to conservation and outdoor recreation and education.”

Board chair Richard A. Corbett welcomed Spottswood, president of Spottswood Management Inc., to the three-year appointment, citing his enthusiasm for outdoor recreation as an important asset. “Robert is an exciting addition to the board. His professional experience, personal passion and youth provide a needed perspective. He has already hit the ground running. We are eager to work with him more to conserve wild Florida,” Corbett said.  

Since earning a law degree at NOVA Southeastern University in 2014, Spottswood has worked at the intersection of law and real estate, including environmental resource permitting. In addition to his current position as president at Spottswood Management Inc., he serves as its general counsel and partner at Spottswood, Spottswood, Spottswood & Sterling, PLLC in Key West. 

“I am thrilled to join the board and further my father’s work of conserving nature and outdoor recreation in Florida,” said Spottswood Jr., whose father, Robert A. Spottswood, chairs the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission board. “I am committed to ensuring that my daughters have the same formative experiences I did growing up in the Keys. I want them to be able to dive around healthy corals, marvel at manatees and fish from abundant fisheries. Keeping Florida wild is a family business, and I look forward to working with the foundation to do so.” More information is at

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