Whether you are the blushing bride, reluctant maid of honor or fake date he met in the elevator, there is no doubt weddings are back in full swing. Pick from this bouquet of bestsellers to enjoy the spirit of the season.

The Wedding Date
By Jasmine Guillory

As Alexa Monroe makes her way to her sister’s hotel room, the elevator comes to a jolting halt. This is how she meets Dr. Drew Nichols, sexy pediatric surgeon. They pass the hours sharing snacks and life stories. When the elevator begins to climb again, so does Alexa’s heart rate. Drew invites her to be his plus-one at his ex-girlfriend’s wedding the next evening and, much to Alexa’s surprise, she accepts. This incredible fake date weekend is the beginning of a steamy long-distance love affair. He lives in Los Angeles, she lives in San Francisco. With two demanding jobs to juggle, Alexa is terrified that Drew will break her heart. Filled with humor and oodles of romance, this playful, delicious rom-com is the perfect taste of summer.

The Grace Kelly Dress
By Brenda Janowitz

In 1958 Rose is working at Madame’s atelier. Only the most prestigious and wealthy customers can afford to have their wedding dresses designed at this historical establishment. Rose is completing the most important gown they have ever created but can no longer hide that she is head over heels with the bride’s unavailable brother. Sixty years later, Rocky, a twenty-something tech guru, is having her mother’s dress altered for her own wedding. As Rocky’s mother Joan lovingly arranges every detail of the event, she is reminded of her own emotional past. Rocky cannot bear to tell her mother she dreams of a different wedding and another dress. Alternating between the past and present, Joan and Rocky find what they have in common is more precious than what makes them different. A love story of weddings and truth.

Sex and Vanity
By Kevin Kwan

Lucie Churchill is a young, beautiful woman when her very good friend invites her to the wedding of the year on the island of Capri. Lucie is swept away with the charm and romance of this magical setting. Her “half-Asian” beauty attracts quite a bit of attention, especially from an extremely wealthy and handsome guest named George. As their moment in the sun quickly fades, the story flashes forward five years to find Lucie engaged to the absolute bachelor of the year. As the couple and their wealthy friends gallivant down Fifth Avenue and through East Hampton, Lucie bumps into George and cannot deny the intense connection she still feels. Crazy Rich Asians in Capri and New York, with a diversity twist and plenty of glitz.

I Take You
By Eliza Kennedy

Lily Wilder is a gorgeous badass lawyer at a top firm in NYC. She is an impulsive flirt and unconventional opponent. Women point fingers, men like to put her in her place. When she meets Will, a handsome, sexy archeologist who works in the museum, it’s lust at first sight. Lily cannot resist when her shy heartthrob pops the question. Off to Key West they fly, Lily’s hometown that she hasn’t visited for 14 years – a mystery that slowly unravels. Lily and Will arrange last minute details with their peculiar wedding planner while her mother, grandmother and two stepmothers beg her to call off this complicated tryst before the truth is revealed. Off the wall humor traipsing through the beaches of Key West with this boozy, scandalous rom-com. It’s time to kick back with a margarita and enjoy this shocking tale.

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Karen Newfield is first and foremost a reader, she has reviewed hundreds of books on her blog www.readingandeating.com. And, more recently, this new Keys resident has also begun writing.