Keys Weekly is still awaiting some details about this attention-drawing bicyclist, who pedaled down U.S. 1 on Feb. 20 and then did a victory lap down Key West’s Duval Street. 

Horns honked and people waved at the towering sight of a tall-bike rider who made his way down U.S. 1 on Feb. 20 and ended his ride on Key West’s Duval Street. LANCE HILL/Keys Weekly

The tall-bike movement is gaining momentum throughout Europe and North America, with riders generally creating their own towering bicycle with parts and frames from other regular-sized bikes.

“There’s a real art to clambering aboard a bike whose seat is at shoulder height or above,” states a story about tall bikes on about Portland, Oregon’s Pedalpalooza event that encourages bicycles over cars. Leah Bendlin made the boarding and dismounting look easy.  First, she checked that her coaster brake was not engaged, then pushed off while stepping up on the left chainstay, pushed again with her free foot, then swung gracefully into the saddle.

There are other techniques, but all require practice and some degree of courage.

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