woman sitting on window reading book

Many people have read more books this year than ever before. There are dozens of top seller lists created by publishers, not actual readers, and it can be overwhelming to choose. Let me save you some time! These five picks will keep you up late into the night. These are the books of 2020 that shouldn’t be missed.

The Henna Artist
By Alka Joshi
Lakshmi is alone in the city of Jaipur in the 1950s. This simple young woman escaped her arranged marriage and will do anything for a better life and brighter future. Lakshmi is both an artist and a healer. If one good thing came out of her violent marriage, it was her mother-in-law, who taught her the many secrets of natural medicine. This captivating story will take you through the crowded streets of India and the caste system that keeps Lakshmi down. Appreciating every moment of her hard won independence, Lakshmi is thrown for a loop when her former husband reappears and some of the jealous ladies are more concerned with their reputations than the truth. Colorful novel filled with the tastes and traditions of another place in another time.

American Dirt
By Jeanine Cummins
Lydia lives a fairly quiet life in Acapulco, Mexico. She runs a quaint bookstore and adores her husband Sebastian and their young son, Luca. Content with her comfortable routine, Lydia is surprised when an enigmatic stranger befriends her in the bookstore. Javier and Lydia share an unexpected literary and spiritual connection and she treasures both his visits and flattering intellect. As a journalist her husband runs a risky article exposing the local drug cartel that keeps their city steeped in violence and fear. When Lydia accidentally discovers the head of the cartel is her treasured friend Javier, her once peaceful life is ripped to shreds. Fleeing with Luca, Lydia does everything she can to get them out of Mexico. Heart-stopping suspense that will have you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last.

The Last Flight
By Julie Clark
Claire married a powerful man, a politician through and through. A whirlwind romance a decade earlier has now become a sham. Rory’s cruel words have become physical and Claire is exhausted. This beautiful independent woman once had a career and good friends, Rory has taken that all away. As she represents the family business, Claire finds herself at JFK airport on another Cook Foundation trip. Last minute changes alter her route and Claire’s meticulously crafted plan to disappear through Canada is upended. When an unexpected opportunity falls at her feet, she cannot resist. She switches places and tickets with a complete stranger, a woman named Eva who also yearns for escape. As this thriller takes off in the most unexpected ways, freedom is just within reach. The question is … for whom?

The Boys’ Club
By Erica Katz
Gorgeous, smart, recent Harvard grad Alex Vogel is taking New York by storm. She has just begun a dream job at one of the top law firms in Manhattan and moved into a swanky apartment with her longtime beau. The junior associate class has very few women and none make it into the competitive Mergers and Acquisitions department. Alex, a former athlete, cannot resist going for the gold. As she slowly drowns in the insane work hours, Alex feels an adrenaline rush with every successful deal she helps close, not to mention the unavoidable chemistry with her handsome boss. With all morals out the window, Alex must decide how far she is willing to go down the rabbit hole of Big Law and big bucks to find the truth.

The Girl with the Louding Voice
By Abi Dare
There is nothing Adunni loves more than going to school. As a 14- year-old girl living in a small village in Nigeria, she dreams of becoming a teacher. When her mama passes away, her father quickly arranges her marriage as third wife to the old man who drives taxis. School is no longer an option and Adunni sees her future slipping away. Surviving verbal and physical abuse, Adunni escapes to the big city of Lagos where she becomes a housemaid. While scrubbing floors with a toothbrush Adunni decides she must embrace her louding voice. Realizing a slave does not always wear chains, Adunni is desperate to finally be heard. With help from a new friend, she can once again dream of a future. This is a wholly original and deeply moving story of resilience and hope.