We think local news matters, obviously. We also like to pay attention to what’s happening at the state, national and global levels. So here are:

Top 10 headlines you should care about this week — OTHER THAN Trump or Biden stories

10: The world is running out of water. Droughts are rampant from the U.S. to Europe and into China. Why it matters: The world needs water, but many are more concerned about whether Dr. Oz has more than two houses. 

9. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspends State Attorney Andrew Warren for “neglect of duty” regarding Warren’s pro-choice stance to not enforce the state’s abortion law. Why this matters: Other than Warren being an elected official and voted in by his constituents, Florida, like many states, will soon have to make the decision to prosecute and punish women who have abortions.

8. A 16-year-old parentless girl was told she is “not mature enough” to seek an abortion by a Florida judge. Why it matters: See above. This issue will undoubtedly continue to grow across the state, costing hundreds of millions in cases in the years to come. 

7. “Couple Busted for Sex on Ferris Wheel in Ohio.” Why it matters: It doesn’t, really. We just wanted to make sure you were still reading and if anything, it does show that Ohio still gives Florida a run for its money when it comes to ridiculous headlines. 

6. Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney suffers defeat in the Wyoming primary. Why it matters: Love or hate her. Agree or disagree … prepare to see and hear a lot more of Liz Cheney in the coming months and years. 

5.  Texas school district removes the Bible and Anne Frank’s Diary from permitted books. Why it matters: This is a debate that will only continue to grow in school districts across the nation. 

4. Target reports a 90% profit plunge in the second quarter. Why it matters: Inflation woes are on the minds of most Americans and this is not a comforting indicator. However, WalMart has boasted more promising numbers. 

3. HBO’s “House of Dragons,” a “Game of Thrones” prequel, is set to release Aug. 21. Why it matters: We need something epic to escape into during election season. 

2, “The Stakes in Ukraine Have Not Changed.” This article was published by The Atlantic and argues Ukraine’s war with Russia is still about freedom. Why it matters: Many Americans who were entranced by the horrors of Russia’s actions a few short months ago, have now shifted their attention to domestic headlines. And yet, the stakes have not changed. 

1. Pence says he will consider testifying before the Jan. 6 panel. OK, we said no Trump headlines, but this one has popcorn material written all over it. Why it matters: No one believed Pence would consider this, which is why it made headlines. And whether you won’t watch the hearings, love the hearings, don’t care, don’t believe … if Pence testifies, this will be a larger-than-life moment in history that should intrigue anyone across the political spectrum.