Craving a story about females who kick ass? Try these tales of feisty females in eras ranging from the early 20th century to the current day.

The Moonlight School
By Suzanne Woods Fisher

In 1911, Lucy Wilson lives a simple yet charmed existence with her wealthy father in Louisville, Kentucky. Losing her mother and sister at a young age leaves a lonely space in her heart. It is decided that after Lucy graduates from the fancy girl’s finishing school her only job will be to find a suitable husband. When father’s cousin Cora Wilson Stewart requests Lucy assist her as a scribe for six months in the mountains of Appalachia, she is more than just a little bit hesitant. Shocked by the severely poverty-stricken community, Lucy learns that most residents are illiterate. Lucy is quickly in awe of Cora and her mission to help the mountain people. At the time it is believed there is a window for learning and it is too late for adults. These brave women realize that is not the case and do everything humanly possible to give the gift of reading to all. Based on the true story of Cora Wilson Stewart’s mission to spread adult literacy, this beautiful story will melt every page of your book-loving heart. 

Come Fly the World
By Julia Cooke

After World War II, most women don’t dream of working outside the home, and they certainly do not travel unaccompanied. That shifts when Pan Am becomes the most influential airline on a global scale. In the mid-1960s Pan Am decides that a friendly, pretty face would soothe anxious passengers. Their well-trained stewardesses would be efficient, attractive, always smiling. Like a swarm of designer angels in the sky, they are a particular height, weight, college-educated and speak more than one language. As the women’s liberation movement gains momentum, a Pan Am stewardess feels free as a bird. Although they continue to battle inflexible age, marriage and pregnancy restrictions (designed by an all-male management) these ladies grab an opportunity to explore the world. More than just a pretty face, these stewardesses play an active role flying soldiers home from Vietnam and accompanying thousands of Vietnamese orphans during Operation Babylift. A fascinating peek into the rise and fall of an iconic airline, this book shares the experiences of brave women who contribute to the growth and determination of generations to come.

Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead
By Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg serves as the chief operating officer at Facebook and is the first woman to serve on its board. She has worn many hats in her life: mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and high-powered businesswoman. Sandberg describes her passion for living life to the fullest and her experiences, past and present, in the workforce. Not always confident in her younger years that women could truly have it all, Sandberg forges ahead, fighting the unbalanced gender gap often found in corporate America. After recognizing a pattern that many successful young women and men faced, she “Leaned In” and confronted her apprehension by chronicling her experiences. When she sits down asking the right questions, she finds that even those who desired more are afraid of the stigma set in place by society and culture. Baby steps to take charge and create your own path become synonymous with success. Filled with quotes and stories, the most vital lesson is, whether in your personal or work life, male or female, it is never ever too late to lean in.

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