Hey, we all do it. No one is above annoying the boss. You can’t help it; it’s okay, even funny sometimes. Working with someone and annoying them is a fact of life. But there is a special relationship between boss and employee, like for instance, writing a Top Ten List about bugging your boss for April Fool’s – it’s a homage to your relationship, a portrait of your copious amount of hours together, or a nod to the greatness and forgiveness of work relationships.

  1. Sigh. Then sigh again, but louder.
  2. Ask if it’s casual Friday? Like really casual? … as you try to muffle the sounds of Raven playing at Schooner.
  3. Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Christian Mingle — during the work day.
  4. Use company name as Tinder handle.
  5. Write scathing letters to the editor with your work email.
  6. Assume a conference call is a safe environment to ask at the rash above your groin.
  7. Presume all holidays are holidays. Happy Secretary’s Day!
  8. Using the word “but” at the beginning of every sentence.
  9. Tell everyone how much better it was at your old company.
  10. You never put a paper towel over your plate when microwaving spaghetti.
  11. You lost your pants at the company Christmas party.
  12. “I am running late,” text message.
  13. “I am home sick,” text message.
  14. “I am not feeling well and will be in later,” text message; only to never show later.
  15. Not saying “goodbye” when leaving for the day.
  16. Ask for more champagne at lunch. (Numbers 12 through 15 may be directly related to Number 16.)

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