Keys Strength and Conditioning is having a grand opening on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 18-19, to introduce the community to the new fitness studio. It’s also an introduction to a new type of fitness, something they call group personalized training.

Owners Liz and Chris Kuck will have seven or eight classes a day, each limited to about 10 participants. The students will be led through a routine that lasts about 45 minutes, including warm up and cool down.

Liz has been teaching classes in the park in preparation for the studio’s opening. Cindy Perry is already a believer.

“I’ve been taking this class since July 28 and I already see a difference,” Perry said. “Liz is very motivating and welcoming. It’s just awesome.”

“It’s perfect for people of all levels of ability, because each exercise can be scaled by changing the load and intensity,” said Chris.

For example, the students may each choose a dumbbell or kettle bell of a different weight, depending on his or her level of fitness. The fitness studio will also be equipped with “plyo” boxes (used for step-ups, or jump ups), barbells, jump ropes, rings, wall balls, slam balls and battle ropes; oh, and of course, the pull up bars that line both sides of the room. Again, every participant will be encouraged to modify the exercise with an eye on improving.

Liz and Chris met at Jacksonville University where she played soccer and he played football and baseball. Both earned sports related degrees — she in exercise science and he in sports management and administration. Chris was raised in Marathon and graduated from Marathon High School in 2005. He’s also an assistant football coach for the high school team.

“We taught this type of class in Jacksonville for five years,” Chris said. “And for four or five years we’ve been dreaming of bringing it to Marathon.”


“This is a small town and we know that we can make such a big difference,” Liz said.

In addition to the time-certain classes, Keys Strength and Conditioning will also offer one-on-one training, Olympic Weight Lifting classes, as well as designing some fitness workshops for specific sports — basketball, football, etc. Liz and Chris are also interested in hosting community events.

For more information about Keys Strength and Conditioning, please call 305-504-4227. It’s located at 65 53rd Street, next to Gioia’s Hair and Nail Salon.

Keys Strength and Conditioning is having an open house this weekend. It will be open on Saturday, Oct. 18 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Sunday, Oct. 19 from 10:30 to 5:30 p.m. It’s located on 53rd Street next to Gioia’s Hair and Nail Salon.

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