With the recent opening of Wahlburgers restaurant in Key West, much speculation and buzz has hit the island regarding (not if…but) when the Wahlberg brothers will show up. 

While Donnie is a household name and Paul runs the kitchen, there are few celebrities who rival the star power of Mark Wahlberg. 

So should you bump into Mark at Key West’s newest and trendiest burger joint and bar, allow us to give you some pointers on what not to say to one of Hollywood’s favorite A-listers. 

Top 10 Things Not to Say if You Meet Mark Wahlberg In Key West:

10. “I loved you alongside Ben Affleck in ‘Good Will Hunting.’”

9. The words “funky” or “bunch.”

8. Scream out “VICTORY!” in your best Johnny Drama voice.

7. Ask him to reenact “that scene” from “Boogie Nights.”

6. Try to speak in a Boston accent, even though you’re from Georgia.

5. Tell him you thought he was the best New Kids member besides Jordan … and Joey.

4. “Yankee Clipper.”

3. Anything about the cruise ship referendums.

2. “Dude, what the hell did you say to Brady?”

1. Ask him to sign that Calvin Klein pic you keep in your wallet.

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