Diamond in the Rough – Unlocking a property’s hidden beauty

This inconspicuous Meadows gem was a property where — like many in Key West — one would never knows what’s just behind the fence. Forty years ago, the new owners had their honeymoon in Key West and decided to invest in a property on the island. They were under contract on another property — and a tree fell on the house during Hurricane Irma. Then, at long last, they found this gem with the help of Geno Zaharakis of Coldwell Banker and ultimately purchased the property. Zaharakis, under his new design firm Beekman Design, assembled a local team for the project, whom he calls a “fabulous support group.” They wanted to stay true to the existing home, but do a Keys-style mid-century modern renovation to remember. 

“We focused on repurposing the existing living spaces and creating an open concept home, optimizing the wall of windows, to make a seamless indoor-outdoor transition,” said Zaharakis. The “before” and “after” photos showcase the dramatic change in atmosphere without huge structural modification. Said Zaharakis, “My motto is: we’ll find you a house and make it a home.” He walked us through the before and after of each area. To contact Geno for Beekman Design: (773) 206-0097 or [email protected]. 

Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas is the Editor of Key West Weekly and moved down from her second-favorite island, Manhattan. She has worn many hats: publicist, tour guide, bartender, teacher, and cat wrangler, but this one seems to fit the best.

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